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All-American SCP (FORUMS)
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    Default 1969 Mustang Boss 557

    I've been slacking on taken pics but couldn't pass up taking some of this one. Came in not running, turned out being a dead fuel pump. Also needed a quick alignment as the owner likes to hit shit... Including parked cars :rotflmao:

    Little info on the goodies:

    Engine: 460 block bored and stroked, forged crank, rods and pistons. A comp cams solid roller was used with roller cam bearings. On top is the first set of Jon Kaase Boss cylinder heads offered to the general public. These were port matched with Kaase's new intake, valve covers and wires. We used a Holley 4150 style carb 1050 cfm. Custom made headers were fitted by Metalcrafters using 2 1/4" primaries into 3 1/2 " collectors. The custom exhaust has been ceramic chromed front to back and includes sliding exhaust cut outs for the amount of sound you desire. This combination produces over 800 hp yet idles smoothly and runs cool with the Be Cool 1000 HP radiator. A custom "ram air" air cleaner that isolates carb from engine was created.

    Drivetrain: TKO 5 speed from the driven man with hydraulic clutch. Custom drive shaft into Custom 9inch W/35 spline Detroit locker center section with 3.91 gearing. Brakes are electric boosted 4 wheel wilwood discs.

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    Wow that is one high quality build. Lots of time and money.

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    We unfortunately won't get to work on her anymore as she was sold at last years Barret Jackson.

    All American Street Car Performance <- Facebook
    6187 126th Ave North
    Largo fl 33773
    Shaun @ (727)535-6905

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    92,400!! Wow!



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