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ROTM June 2013 Winner - TreyK's Ultra Street Mustang "BOLO"

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TreyK's Grudge Race / Ultra Street Mustang "BOLO" - ROTM Winner for June 2013


Congratulations to TreyK and his Ultra Street Mustang "BOLO" Winning our Ride-Of-The-Month contest for June 2013!

Trey's blue mustang, nicknamed "BOLO" (Be On the Look Out) was first seen racing in our annual Street Car Shootout, he later became one of Grab-A-Lane's iconic "Grudge Race Cars" as well as being a local fan followed racer of the "Ultra/Ultimate Street Class" in Radial Revolution races at SGMP.

Trey recently parted ways with his Ultra Street Mustang "BOLO" and bought back his old white Turbo Foxbody, nicknamed "Blurrbo", which he built years ago. Due to the history of the car, we decided to nominate "BOLO" for this month's ROTM as a way to commemorate it!

History of the car:
Trey bought the car in 2010. It had a respectable street car set up in it consisting of a built 383ci SBF, C4 transmission, nitrous plate kit, roll bar, decent suspension, with clean body & interior. Trey tweaked the tune & set-up in it and began racing it on both street and track. Here's one of his first street videos with the car:

Click here to see video

Trey made some changes to the car's set up and raced it in our Street Car Shootout in June of 2011.

Click here to watch BOLO race in our Street Car Shootout 2011

Click here to watch BOLO race in our Street Car Shootout 2011
During the race the motor spun a bearing. Instead of simply fixing the motor, he decided to go bigger and better. The car went down for some more upgrades and changes...

Here's a video of the first start up after rebuilding a better engine, installing a new powerglide trans & converter, upgrading the suspension, roll cage, and nitrous system, etc.

Trey competed in the Ultra Street class at the "Lights Out 3" Race in September of 2012 at SGMP.

More photos of BOLO:

BOLO on the Dyno:

Videos of BOLO grudge racing:

We are sad to see "BOLO" go as it's been sold, but very excited that Trey's old turbo (street car) Mustang, "Blurrbo" is back... Stay tuned for videos of it terrorizing the streets...
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